A New State of Play

Have you ever met a dedicated player? One who does not only satifies their thirst using dice, cards, computers or funny constumes. A real one, trying to imply the Rules of Engagement onto the Battlefield of Life? If you recognize any of these comments, I bet you have:

“Are you REALLY going to do it THAT way?”
“That is not the PROPER way to use that.”
“I was only joking – don’t you have any sense of humour?”
“Be careful now, you never know what (relevant) people will think.”
“Yes, I like it, but can you not be a little bit more [insert statement here]”

If incubated in a gameplayer environment from childhood, you learn to play well – very well. You learn who to use. And who you can abuse. You learn how to be the best. And how to make sure others always come in second. Your reward? Admiration, Status, Power.

If incubated in a gameplayer environment from childhood, you may start to think that the way to win is to be the one who plays best. This is not the case. The winner of the game is the one who designes the rules. As long as someone plays – the designer wins. As long as you can play, you can also loose. And as long as you play, you loose. Every day.

But watch out if you try to stop playing. Because nothing annoyes a designer more than someone who doesn’t play their game. Or if you try to change the rules. Many abused spouse knows that it is when you try to leave the relationship that the serious beating starts. And many an employer seem to note that it is difficult to employ women (unless they are kind enough to behave a little more like men of course), because then – suddenly – we would have a different State of Play. The rules would change, and how would the poor other gamers then know how to play?

I wish I could have caught eye on my State of Play earlier. Then I might have seen that there is another way to do things than what I was taught. Witout using people or abusing them. Without being the best, and without having to trample my way to the top. In MY State of Play there some are things I am willing to get hurt for, but nothing I am willing to hurt for.

Consider – there are only three rules in life you HAVE to follow:
1. Be born
2. Die
3. Decide what to do in the meantime

We all need to do Nr. 3 in our own way. It is not only best that way – it is the necessary way . If I would spend time considering what everybody thinks, I would not have time to do anything else. So sorry, I don’t have time to follow your rules. Yes, I will do it THAT way. If I want to, I will use it in VERY improper ways.  And I will laugh at your jokes when they are actually funny, but not before.

I guess that’s why I’m the bitch. Hope you like it. (Then of course, if you don’t – I really don’t giva a damn).

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