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Medica 2015 has now come to an end. Among the activites was the Medica Connected Healthcare Forum, where (among other things) a mobile app competition took place. Out of 10 apps, 1 were for improved monitoring of severe medical conditions, 2 for communication in different forms for people with disabilities, and 7 were for patient-doctor communication and general health improvement purposes, such as SmokeWatchers and Oviva Coach.

Apps for purposes midway between entertainment, sports and healthcare have exploded in the last few decades – As useful and fun as they may be, how many of those do we actually need today, when 1 out of 3 people in this world lack even the most basic form of healthcare? Apart from being unworthy of a world with both global satellite systems, global communications systems and global transportation system, a global thinking in health systems is an economic issue. WHO estimates that better use of preventive measures [in healthcare] could reduce the global burden of disease by as much as 70%.

One of the apps in the competition stands out, from a global health perspective: The Doctome, developed by MedTrix. It is a mobile app which facilitates communication between patient and healthcare personel, at any time, any day, from any part of the world. For now, this app is limited to areas with electronic health record systems, that is – the industrially developed part of the world.

In developing countries, even in areas where copper-line phone contact is not available, mobile phones are the main connection with the outside world. Imagine then, if a global use of mobile phone connection could be implemented, to provide increased contact with basic healthcare. Instead of providing leasure care for the part of the world which allready has excellent health systems, there is a possibility of providing a reasonable level of medical care for many more. Technicians – Let’s get together to get ALL the world online!

Intensive Care

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