A Day of Uncommon Sense

When we decided to undertake the production of this internet magazine, there was half a plan of having it launch on 9th November, as a tribute to the tragic history of 11th September. By choosing the opposite of the more famous Nineleven, we thought we could announce this as a new global date to honor Common Sense – indeed the very opposite of what Nineleven has come to stand for. A day where we will only make logically and emotionally sound decisions, where our choice of words will be balanced and thought through, our arguments sound and our actions based on facts, skeptically scrutinized to the best of our ability.

But a quick review of human history through On This Day soon reveals the cruel facts:

9th November is just as filled with historic atrocities as any 11th September, including a declaration of war by president Saddam Hussein in 1980, a hurricane in 1965 (although it can hardly be blamed for its bad behavior), a nuclear test in 1962, and of course the Kristallnacht in 1938. The list is only slightly brightened by events such as quite a few successful space explorations in the 60:s, a romantic encounter in 1966 (which may not be an entirely positive event, depending on the view, since the lady in question is named Yoko Ono) and airplane flight lasting more than 5 minutes in 1904. Perhaps the only really worthwhile memorable event in recent history on this day is the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

So – no this day seem to be occupied, sorry. Instead, we propose to elect 10th November the global day of Uncommon Sense. And in the spirit of this day, bringing logic extrapolated from lessons to the inescapable conclusion, we will not even bother to check what unsound actions may taint the history of this day, and the Reader is adviced to check out the backlog at their own risk. Is it even going to be possible to find a day without an overshadowing backlog of bloodshed, plundering or even the one occasional rampage? Any Reader is encouraged to post comments inspiring hope for the human race in the commentary field. It seems it will be needed.

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